CD Replication

CD Replication is the best way to produce quality CDs in large quantities and here at Xpress Duplication Centre we offer our clients an efficient, reliable and above all fast CD replication service. Rapid 24 hour turnaround times are our speciality and we make no compromise on quality

Whilst CD Duplication is ideal for creating smaller runs, CD replication is much more suitable for pressing large numbers of CDs quickly and economically. We recommend this process to many of our clients who require CDs to be pressed in excess of 500 copies.

The first stage of CD replication is the creation of a ‘glass master’ of the CD which is to be reproduced. This master can then be used to produce identical CD copies in high numbers. This is how the majority of commercially available CDs are produced and any CDs that you purchase online or from high street stores, whether they are albums, computer games or other software almost certainly will have been produced via CD replication. For professional results CD replication for the Xpress Duplication Centre ia the clear choice.

We have been in the CD production business for many years and we make effective use of the latest technology to provide you with the results you need. Our company is internationally renowned such is the quality of our product and service; our impressive catalogue of well respected clients is a testimony to this fact.

For further information about our CD replication services then get in touch with us via phone or email, we’re available 24 hours a day. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and how our service can benefit you.

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