DVD Duplication

For smaller quantities, of up to 500 units then DVD duplication is the fastest and most cost effective way of producing the DVDs you need. We offer a rapid and reasonably price DVD duplication service that utilises the latest pressing and data writing equipment to provide you with superior quality discs of a professional standard. With a turnaround time of just 24 hours then Xpress Duplication Centre is the clear choice for those who need great quality discs in a short time frame!

DVDs can hold much more data than CDs and today you’d be hard pressed to find a computer not equipped with a DVD drive. That means these discs are more versatile today than they ever have been, so whether you want to use DVDs for the distribution of promotional material, films, presentations, software or simply data storage then DVD duplication is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to produce discs en masse.
DVD duplication is suitable for creating relatively small runs of discs, up to 500 units. For greater quantities we would recommend DVD replication. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guide you each step of the way through the DVD duplication process, so get in touch now for a quote!

Rapid Turnaround

Our turnaround is incredibly fast: we will turnaround your DVD duplication order within 24 hours, depending on your choice of packaging. We have worked with and guided many companies and individuals over the years through the process of DVD duplication, supported by our experienced and dedicated staff.

However, do not equate our rapid turnaround times with a compromise on quality. Not only are we quick, but we provide our clients with a product of a professional standard every time. You’ll surely be more than satisfied with the finished product of our DVD duplication service; high quality and long lasting discs containing audiovisual content of the highest professional standard that you will be proud to distribute.
We also have a superb selection of packaging options available including standard DVD cases, slim lime jewel cases and fully printed digipack booklets. You can provide us with artwork or our graphic designs can produce custom artwork that meets your specification. Professional standard printing equipment and an extensive experience of DVD duplication allows us to produce discs and packaging of the very highest quality that will rival the commercially available DVDs currently on the market.

Competitive Prices

Our DVD duplication service is very competitively priced too. This fast and friendly service has been finely refined thanks to over twenty years in the media duplication industry, so we utilise many cost effective techniques and pass these savings onto our customers. We have no hidden charges and should you find a cheaper quote elsewhere we will happily match it like for like! It is this commitment to service and quality makes us the leading DVD manufacturer in the UK.

For additional information on our CD and DVD duplication services than please feel free to contact us. Our staff are always happy to explain our services in detail or offer you a quote, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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